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Digital Process Automation Discovery Workshop



Digital Process Automation

Discovery Workshop



Be ready for the changing future by transforming your business with Digital Process Automation (DPA).

But where do you start? You know you need to move quickly but you also need a strategy the drives transformation across the business.  How can you achieve speed that scales?

This workshop will help you disentangle from legacy systems, siloed processes and equip your organisation with the skills, mindset and tools to drive automation and digital transformation quickly.

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We have designed this workshop to kick-start your project and get it moving quickly.
We will help you:

Understand what your current processes look like.

Identify potential silos, bottlenecks and pain points.

See where processes can be streamlined through redesign and automation.

What will be included in the workshop?

• We will find out your business context and current capabilities. 


• Look at user/citizen experience internal capability and automation.


• Show how your processes can help meet the organisation’s objectives by recommending technologies and implementing a proof of concept.

Benefits of the workshop

Gain an understanding of what is possible and the expected ROI you can achieve.

Have at least one of your processes changed, implemented and enhanced to demonstrate value to the rest of the business.

Outline quick wins and create a roadmap to drive continuous and secure process improvement and efficiencies.


Zaizi — changing the way you  work


This workshop is the result of years of experience delivering Digital Process Automation in both the public and private sector.

We specialise in Digital Process Automation (DPA) and our experience in open source and cloud technologies makes deployment quicker, reduces costs and provides future scalability.