The government must look to AWS to revolutionise data use

by Aingaran Pillai
Attending the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in London earlier this month was an eye opening experience and provided a glimpse into how data can be ingested, stored and analysed in the most efficient way – not in the future, but today.

Catch up with the University of Westminster

by Navneet Hundal
Hiten Vaghmaria, after 4 years of working alongside Zaizi to deliver their unified content and records management programme, is moving on to pastures new. We thought this would be a great time to catch up with him.

Going ugly with Data

by Chris Conway
In the last few weeks we have had the privilege to visit two great data events, the first one was #OpenDefra, the department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs “unconference,” a great showcase and networking even

MICO Enterprise Cross Media Search

by Dileepa Jayakody
MICO is a European Union part-funded research project to provide cross-media analysis solutions for online multimedia producers. MICO will develop models, standards and software tools to jointly analyse, query and retrieve information out of connected and related media objects (text, image, audio, video, office documents) to provide better information extraction results for more relevant search and information discovery.

Is the UK losing its lead in the open data race?

by Aingaran Pillai
Open public data will hail a new form of society and we must just hope, even with an app, that the UK government doesn’t miss the bus

Distributed Testing and Test Reporting with Selenium

by Christina Thala...
So how do we cater for a complete test on every sprint or every release? We can use Selenium for Test Automation. When we use a continuous integration approach it would be helpful to use Selenium Grid. It allows you to run your tests on different machines against different browsers in parallel. Essentially, Selenium-Grid supports distributed test execution. 

WiML and the NIPS conference Montreal 2015

by Jayani Withanawasam
Women in Machine Learning and the Neural Information Processing Systems conference 2015December 7th saw the start of the 10th ann

Technology and forward thinking, a recipe for smarter working

by Zaizi Blogs
Guest Blog By Robin Lewis, EDRM Domain Manager, Bristol City CouncilLike a lot of councils, we’re having to think about how we shape ourselves f

Digital technologies reinventing insurance industry

by Navneet Hundal
There are huge opportunities from digital technologies specific to the insurance sector – at the heart of them is data. How data is assessed, secured and captured has never been more important.

Managing Unpredictability using Business Process Management (BPM)

by Navneet Hundal
2015 has been deemed the year of technology driven transformation in the insurance sector. The speed of change in an industry that has long been characterised as a slow adaptor of technology is gathering pace. Today’s organisations need information systems that can adapt to market changes.