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Alfresco Records Management 2.1 - Simple + Smart
Alfresco makes it easy for end users to share information and collaborate with collegues,  customers and business partners. 

 The Alfresco Platform offers Document management and Records Management as a single productivity tool . With Alfresco, Records Management is now just part of your standard working practice — automatically managing, capturing and declaring records while being invisible to the end-users.nd collaborate with colleagues, customers and business partners. 

Paul Hampton, Product Marketing Director at Alfresco tells Zaizi at the Alfresco Summit what we can expect from Records Management 2.1.  Making ECM simple so the end user wants to use it but still having the power in the back end repository is essential says Paul & Alfresco is building new products to do just that!

Watch Paul Hampton talk Records Management at this years Alfresco Summit in Barcelona and what to expect form the upcoming workshop with Zaizi  

Alfresco & Zaizi are hosting a interactive workshop next Wednesday to discuss exactly this and share some insight into how governmental departments are implementing records management today.
What can you expect from the event?
Have a look at the agenda for next weeks event, registration is still open, if you would like to attend please register here




Welcome & Introduction
Jeff Nott, Account Director, Alfresco & Aingaran Pillai, CEO & Founder, Zaizi 


Digital and compliant by default: A fresh and different approach to make Records Management easier
Jeff Nott, Account Director, Alfresco

  • In-place records

  • Dynamic file plan 

  • Automated filing and declaration


UK Government Working Smart: A secure collaboration service from Zaizi

Carlos Miguens, Head of Consulting, Zaizi


Live Demo
Reenal Patel, Business Analyst, Zaizi 





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