by Anonymous (not verified) November 20th, 2014

 My Lucene/Solr Revolution

After two days of extraordinary organisation and content my first Lucene/Solr Revolution has come to an end.
The conference, held in Washington DC, has been an exceptional example for everyone involved and two elements have truly been the stars ; the people and the technology.
Everyone was encouraged to have an active part of the conference thanks to the phone application provided at the beginning of the event. This was to share content and impressions with a continuous interaction between attendees and speakers (made really easy with dedicated question time at the end of each session) and a properly managed distribution of networking moments.


But what about the technology?

As a Solr enthusiast I couldn't have asked a better environment. There were so many interesting sessions by people from all around the world, a truly open minded surrounding.
Among them, these talks here were my favourites:
    •    Real-time search at Twitter - Michael Busch, Twitter
    •    Search Engines for Machine Learning - Joe Blue, MapR
    •    Searching and Querying Knowledge Graphs with Solr/SIREn: a Reference Architecture - Renaud Delbru and Giovanni Tummarello, Siren Solutions
    •    Stump The Chump - by Chris Hostetter, Lucidworks
    •    General Session: Solr Cloud at Apple: Automating and Scaling for Massive Multi-Tenancy by Jessica Mallet, Apple
    •    Solr Anti Patterns by - Rafał Kuć, Sematext Group, Inc
    •    General Session: 10 Keys to Solr’s Future - Grant Ingersoll, Lucidworks
But if I was happy as an attendee, I have been super happy as a speaker !
Our session “Multi-language Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search” began on the stage at 11:35 14th November and collected a lot of attention from the audience. 
The room was crowded and as soon as the session finished, a lot of technical and non technical questions were collected.
Sensefy was making its first steps in the US.
This has given me a lot of energy to pursue our ideas and made me proud of what are working on. I will make sure to transmit this to the rest of the team and Sensefy will improve day by day.
Thank you so far and see you at the next Event.
See Alessandro's Presentation from the Lucene/Solr Revolution :