Going Digital

Trafigura is a global leader in international commodities trading and logistics. 
In just two decades Trafigura has grown from a small commodity trader with offices in London, Lucerne, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam into a leading global commodity and logistics house. In the process, they have helped to redefine physical commodities markets.
Problems Faced

Speaking at Zaizi’s event Micheal Phan, Technical Architect at Trafigura explained the challenges they faced which led them to searching for an ECM solution. Trafigura was traditionally a very email and document-centric business, with most sharing and collaboration done over email and traditional systems.

Important documents were stored in disparate systems and it was becoming increasingly difficult to secure, find and archive files. The traditional systems did not meet the complex business requirements, nor offer the scalability that they demanded.

Watch Micheal Phan at “Enterprise Content Management (ECM) changing the way Financial Services do business” event to find out why they chose Alfresco over other ECM providers to overcome their challenges.