WhitePaper: Making DevOps Work For You

DevOps approach to IT can enable a more responsive culture, improve public service delivery and ensure that innovative policy can be delivered

DevOps | Agile | Continuous Development

The DevOps approach

We live in an age of constant change and as organisations move through digital transformation the pace of that change is increasing. This constant change brings with it an increasing risk of unreliable services and potential budget overrun. 

DevOps, a coming together of development and operations within an increasingly business focused IT world, aims to deliver a more flexible, agile and ultimately rapid delivery of new solutions.

In this whitepaper, we will look at how an IT team can develop a more responsive culture, enabling greater contribution to the improvement of public services.

  • DevOps and Agile - what they are and how they work together

  • How DevOps influences digital and cloud services

  • The benefits of DevOps and automation in Digital transformation

  • How DevOps can be a key enabler for the transformation of public sector services

  • How you can ensure that DevOps works for you and delivers on the promise

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