Streamline your processes and meet customer service delivery expectations

The demand for smooth, fast and efficient customer service continues to grow against a backdrop of increased regulation and competition. However, many financial organisations are dominated by document heavy processes that slow decision making down. We can streamline your processes and improve flow of communication to help you meet the customer demands for fast services.

Manage risk more effectively without creating more paper work.

Managing risk within the financial sector has never been more important. More regulation has brought with it more paperwork, which increases the chance of losing documents, which can actually amplify risk. Document loss wastes precious resources and it can take months to figure out the consequences.  We enable collaborative processes that reduce the dependence on paper based documents and improve risk management.

Make it easier for employees to access information and collaborate effectively whilst staying secure and data compliant

It is possible to work remotely via mobile devices and to collaborate across departments without putting data at risk. Our solutions can improve the way you work, keep your data safe and your processes compliant.  Zaizi is ISO 27001  certified to to be able to offer you solutions for both ‘on premise’ and cloud collaboration.

Custom build workflows for different lending processes and speed up case management

We custom build workflows to reduce the time-consuming paper based processes involved with mortgaging, lending and bond issuance. We help our customers maintain a clear flow of approvals and we speed up the process to help improve customer satisfaction. 

Our solutions are highly customisable and ideal for financial services organistations. Our key solutions include: 


  • Electronic Document Management for Financial Services
  • Invoice Processing 
  • Loan Automation and Origination
  • Mortgage Loan Processing
  • Insurance Claims 

Benefits of our solutions:

  • Search is faster and easier with indexed electronic documents and our custom search functionality, with retained permissions.
  • Improves regulatory compliance of financial information, supported by audit trails, versioning and archiving.
  • Reduces risks arising form economic fluctuations by improving visibility over millions of documents, files and folders.
  • Decision-making is faster with workflow management capabilities to reach authorised personnel on time.
  • Improves customer service quality and speed by easy storage, management and retrieval of organisational content.

Proven track record

Zaizi have a proven track record for delivering successful solutions to financial services orgnasiations. Some of the key clients we have worked with are Sarasin and Partners, Deutsche Bank, St. James Place Wealth Management & Punter Southall Group



We provide strategy, advisory and information architecture services to our clients to help them build content strategies that best fit your strategic roadmap to get the most value from their use of information.


Our global delivery capabilities provide clients with the right people, skills and expertise to deliver industry leading architecture and development services with greater reliability, quality and productivity.


Managed Service

For customers wishing to remove the burden of operating their solution, we offer a Managed Service. All aspects of the solution are managed by Zaizi, including hosting, upgrades and management of third parties.