Collaborating with Integrated Digital Care Records

The Care Act represents the largest change in adult care legislation since 1948. There are a number of challenges that social care case management vendors are scrambling to meet. However, do not forget that compliance to the April 2016 deadline (allowing citizens direct access to their records) requires looking at unstructured data.

Many agencies involved in the Care Act are struggling to cope with collaborative inter agency working requirements, as defined by Health and Wellbeing Boards. 

Zaizi have built a solution to allow secure collaboration in the cloud with other agencies and independent care providers to:

  • Ensure Information Governance compliance - integrated 'in place' records management of all content types/case notes
  • Social media 'ease of use' ensuring user acceptance
  • Open APIs allowing integration to case management and self-assessment portals
  • Open source workflow to allow bi-directional correlation of structured with unstructured data
  • Mobile access to unstructured case files

Alfresco EDRM & Secure Collaboration - Integrated Digital Care Record and Collaboration

Solution overview:
Alfresco Electronic Document and Records Management integrated to Local Authority Adult and Children's Social Care Case Management Applications
Alfresco uniquely addresses Information Governance issues surrounding the Care Act requirement to collaborate securely ( IL2/3) across agencies. 
Solution features
  • Alfresco Open Source EDRM / CMS offering Integrated Digital Care Record - 'single version of the truth' across multiple content types
  • Open API allowing integration to Case Management and ERP for personalised budgets 
  • Integrated ' In Place' Records Management for effective retention and disposition of confidential data 
  • Activiti Java BPM platform 
  • Mobile access 
  • Best of breed search technology
  • Secure IL3 Collaboration platform integrating to EDRM
  • Ease of use 

Alfresco And The Care Act – Collaborating With Integrated Digital Care Records

Proven track record in the Public Sector

Zaizi specialises in EDRM & Collaboration solutions for the public sector, working with local Government such as Bristol City Council, Camden Council & Hull City Council and organisations such as ERT who provide health-quality patient safety data for use in clinical drug development. 


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Managed Service

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