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5 reasons why local government needs open source
Technology is only one part of the delivery jigsaw puzzle, but it has a big role to play in helping to create modern local government. Open source in particular has a lot to offer. As a technology it's always skirted around the periphery, but I've got a feeling that is about to change.
Computer Does Not Say No
Against a stark backdrop of substantially increased regulation and competition, the chorus of demand for smooth, fast and efficient customer service continues to grow louder and louder. Despite this, many financial organisations still find themselves riddled with document-heavy processes that slow decision making down. Embracing the right technology can streamline procedures and improve the flow of communication. This is vital for any business that hopes to meet modern customer demand for fast, quality service. Such capabilities are no longer a nice to have, but a must have.
Record £34bn spent on IT, highest since recession peak
Software accounts for 80% of IT spending with managed IT services, funded by leasing, helping businesses keep IT costs under control.