Zaizi proud to be exhibiting at Big Data World 
Event Date: Mar 15, 2017 09:00
Big Data WorldZaizi proud to be exhibiting at Big Data World 2 days. 1 massive technology event. Big Data World is the event that the industry has been waiting for. It’s the place to help you make sense of and harness big data.From the...
Journey to Digital Transformation - How Data can Unlock Opportunities and Benefit Service Users
Event Date: Mar 23, 2017 08:30
Data-Driven Government Roadshows The must-attend event for data professionals in local authorities, NHS and government departments   The power of data is now widely recognised as...


Web talk | Harness the explosion of your data to make better decisions, streamline services and analyse efficiencies in your organisation
Event Date: Mar 7, 2017 14:00
Join us for the web talk Tue, Mar 7, 2016 14:00 PM GMTA true data platform is about so much more than a shiny front end service. It’s about data quality, integration, integrity, governance, provenance and security.True to many...