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  • Alfresco conference
    Alfresco Devcon 2019
    A few of our techies went to the international developer conference Alfresco DevCon 2019 in January, held this year in Edinburgh. It was an opportunity for Duncan, Fahiz and Mark to meet like-minded developers to share ideas and collaborate. Here they are with their thoughts and what they learned from the event:  
  • Chatbot
    Chatbots: A powerful way to simplify and automate business processes
      The number of people using messaging apps has skyrocketed. Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack and Viber have over 5 billion monthly users worldwide. With this kind of growth, virtual chatbots — which imitate human conversations — are becoming very popular among users and the demand for instantaneous chat to solve problems is increasing.    
  • Using Facial Recognition
    Two-factor authentication and facial recognition with Keycloak
    With online safety becoming an increasing concern, the adoption of two-factor authentication is prevalent. Single passwords are no longer robust in this day and age, and so the need for a second layer of protection ensures better security of online accounts. The commonly used two-factor authentication methods at the moment are One-Time Passwords (SMS Verification or App-Generated Codes), Tokens, RFID cards and Security Keys. 
  • 5 key findings from the 'Redesigning Government’s Digital DNA' survey
    Central Government and the public sector have a responsibility to deliver successful digital transformation to improve services for citizens, streamline processes and make savings. But do they have the right skills and structures for success? We spoke to over 90 Central Government departments and agencies to find out how ingrained digital was in their DNA. Including:
  • Public sector digital wordcloud
    Digital Transformation Weekly: How ingrained is digital within the DNA of public sector organisations?
    The public sector has a responsibility to deliver successful digital transformation, not just to become more cost-effective but also to deliver better services to the British public
  • Screen that says WannaCry cyber attack
    Digital Transformation Weekly: WannaCry cyber attack cost NHS £92m
    WannaCry cyber attack cost NHS £92m, Brexit – an opportunity for digital transformation, Microsoft u-turns on open-source
  • Digital Transformation CEO takes the lead
    Digital Transformation Weekly: CEOs to take the lead
    We take a look at CEOs taking the charge when it comes to change, coders automating their way out of jobs and ethical hacking.
  • Digital Transformation Weekly: Embedding cyber security from the start
    Each week we’ll scour the web to give you a round-up of all the latest and best news and views around digital transformation.
  • Cloud Migration
    Cloud Migration
    AWS announced on the 13th of December 2016 the immediate availability of the new Europe (London) Region. The London Region joined Ireland and Frankfurt as AWS’s third European location, and provides customers with a new option for end users and applications benefiting from infrastructure located in Europe.
  • Cloud_Adoption
    Cloud Adoption Journey
    As many companies embark on their digital transformation journey to the cloud, making sure that both business and IT are aligned at every step of the way is easier said than done.
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