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  • DevOps
    DevOps: Digital and Cloud
    DevOps – a coming together of ‘development’ and ‘operations’ within an IT world that increasingly centres around business – aims to deliver a progressive, flexible, agile, and swift delivery of new solutions. Crucially, this enables IT departments to develop a more responsive digital culture, facilitating the improvement of public services.
  • Local_Gov_Camp
    Reflections On LocalGovCamp 2017
    Having spent much of 2017 working with organisations like Nesta and tracking exemplars in local government across the country. We’ve been aware of progress being made in using data to drive innovative service development.
  • Infrastructure_Continuous_Deployment
    Infrastructure continuous deployment
    During the last decade cloud computing has become the norm and more and more customers are migrating from their on-premise data centres to the cloud.
  • Cucumber_thumb
    Cucumber is a testing framework that helps to bridge the gap between QA and business managers. Tests are written in plain language terms using Gherkin so anyone in the team can understand even if they are not a technical person, with the help of feature files which we create to run the tests, also we can run multiple scenarios in one feature file
  • Government Roundtable Briefing with Alfresco, AWS & Zaizi
    The Government Roundtable powered by Alfresco, AWS & Zaizi, which took place in London on 23 June 2017 brought together top CEOs, Directors and Business Managers from across the Public Sector.
  • BeeCon 2017
    BeeCon 2017
    Bee Con 2017 has just finished in sunny Zaragoza, Spain. For those who do not know Bee Con is the independent Alfresco developer conference organised by the Order of the Bee. The organisation dedicated to keeping Alfresco as a free to use open source platform.
  • GDPR
    GDPR is all about data. And if your data is broken, then so is your strategy. With the countdown now on, here are some key issues that central and local government organisations and authorities need to consider:
  • Add your load tests to the Continuous Integration Pipeline
    Add your load tests to the Continuous Integration Pipeline
    SeleniumConf ’17 (Selenium Flagship conference) was held on the 3rd-5th of April 2017, in Austin,Texas and I was delighted to be invited again to speak , with yet another session titled, 'Leverage Your Load Tests With JMeter And Selenium Grid' all about the work I have been doing on automated load testing with Alfresco for continuous deployment and integration.
  • Alexa_Challenge
    Alexa Challenge Review
    Seven teams at Zaizi took on the Alexa Skills Challenge; to solve a problem that someone could use every day. Alexa is the voice assistant service that powers Echo, which enables customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using voice-activated technology.
  • Imperial Graduate Work Shadowing
    Imperial Graduate Work Shadowing - Elliot
    I am a first year physics undergraduate at Imperial and I spent a day at Zaizi on 29/3/17. I signed up to this scheme because I am trying to decide where I would like to have my career in the future and I didn’t have much experience of what jobs in IT and consultancy are like. I knew this sector was a possible career choice for me because I enjoyed the computing I have already done in my degree.
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