Implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and improve the way your organisation works


Award winning Alfresco Integrators

A successful ECM implementation will help your team work together more effectively, delivering faster business results and resource savings. We deliver every aspect of an ECM project from strategic planning, advice to solution delivery and after implementation support.

Delivering process change that delivers your digital ambitions

At Zaizi, we provide all the critical skills required to successfully understand the business needs of the organisation and implementation solutions that address these in the simplest and most cost-effective ways. Our engineering teams are champions dedicated to providing cutting edge content solutions that foresee the bespoke needs in volatile business environments. 

Agile development and experienced project management

We have all the critical skills required to implement your project. Our tried and tested methodology has a phased approach to deliverables, so your organisation can start reaping rewards as soon as possible. Each development phase is split into discovery, design, development and deployment, this combined with agile techniques delivers results for any size and complexity of project.

Our Agile approach to projects allows our experts to build customer-centric solutions that meet your bespoke needs of the organisation. 

Our approach – Agility by Zaizi

Zaizi have developed a delivery methodology for ECM projects, Agility by Zaizi, which we use to ensure successful project delivery for our clients. This methodology is easy to understand and combines the best from both waterfall and agile approaches; the diagram 'Agility Framework' shows the set of stages in the lifecycle. 



We provide strategy, advisory and architecture services to our clients to help them build content strategies that best fit your strategic roadmap to get the most value from their use of information.


We provide 24x7 support tailored specific to our customers, for on-premise and cloud hosted solutions. Our dedicated support teams are highly-skilled and trained to provide our 24-hour services.

Managed Service

For customers wishing to remove the burden of operating their solution, we offer a Managed Service. All aspects of the solution are managed by Zaizi, including hosting and management of third parties