Get a better understanding with Zaizi's Alfresco reporting & Analytics solution

All New Analytics and Reporting for Alfresco 5.0

Zaizi have built a suite of reporting additions for Alfresco, leveraging technologies like Pentaho, Logstash and Elastic search, to add enormous value to the back end of your ECM

In the age of big data, connected devices, automatic data generation and metadata, organisations will be producing more and more information, and keeping that data available and accessible is one of the key motivators for ECM systems like Alfresco. Your content is one of your most valuable assets you have in an organisation, and it is imperative that knowledge and information is shared and available for your employees.

Take control with advanced reporting for Alfresco

All the information created by your organisation has a value, and used properly can lead to a greater understanding of how you are operating as a whole. Zaizi understands this and has built a suite of reporting modules, from how individuals are using specific aspects of the technology, to how whole teams are working together.

The reports will give you insights such as where all your data is coming from, to highest value and accessed content and then on to compliance and regulatory obligations, such as retention, user access and locked documents. 

What these reports will give you:

  • Departmental breakdown - How your ECM is being used across departments
  • Full user audit - Who granted user access and to whom
  • Full document audit - From creators to access rights
  • Compliance reports - From retention to security
  • Administrator rights across sites and content
  • Locked documents - Who locked it and when
  • Custom user-specific reports

New Reporting and Analytics in Alfresco 5.0

We understand the importance of being able to present and report on your content,  our solution allows you to produce reports and present data in well-known formats (pdf, Microsoft Excel, csv, etc.)

Add reports right to your dashboard

Everytime you log in to Alfresco you can see the latest analytics that are important for you, your team, or the company as a whole. Simply drag & drop to build your custom report, then select it on your dashboard. Easy.

Custom Reports as simple as Drag & Drop

Choose custom reports that give you more meaningful data. Alfresco 5.0 and Pentaho serve up all the data you could ever need, attach it to users, groups or sites to ensure data is accessible to the right people in real time.

Create reports based on all content and user process

  • Content activity over a given period
  • How many pending user invitations
  • Who are the active collaborators
  • What are the activity trends across the site
  • How many locked documents
  • And many more...

Easily support your current ways of working

  • Custom reporting
  • Make your own dashboards
  • Representing data in various graphical views
  • Export in a variety of different formats
  • User friendly interface

Harness the power of Alfresco 5.0

Alfresco is a modern and powerful open source ECM, which many organisations are using to power their digital transformation. Zaizi leverages this open source environment with powerful tools to make the most of the data available within your organisation.

Make sense of your data with Pentaho

Pentaho takes all the information currently available within your organisation and presents it in a meaningful and actionable way, make better business decisions with a comprehensive data integration and business analytics platform


We provide strategy, advisory and information architecture services to our clients to help them build content strategies that best fit your strategic roadmap to get the most value from their use of information.


Our global delivery capabilities provide clients with the right people, skills and expertise to deliver industry leading architecture and development services with greater reliability, quality and productivity.


Managed Service

For customers wishing to remove the burden of operating their solution, we offer a Managed Service. All aspects of the solution are managed by Zaizi, including hosting, upgrades and management of third parties.