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Content without access is worthless. Enterprise search is how your organisation helps people seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from within their company.

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Having the right information at the right time is imperative for a business to operate efficiently. Organisations are producing more information than ever before and organising and making sense of this data can sometimes be tricky. With our search and analytics packages you can guarantee that you'll always be able to find the relevant documents you need across multiple repositories, but also make better sense of the data you are producing.

Enterprise Search & Analytics


Enterprise Search

Sensefy is an Intelligent Cloud Search platform capable of indexing content and their permissions from network file systems, enterprise content management systems, databases, etc. and providing a sophisticated full text search solution. The permissions are used to ensure users are only allowed to see content they have the right to. This solution allows the user to see the context of returned results and gives them convenient, powerful tools to refine and navigate through those results. 

  • Increases cost savings with open standards 
  • Improve user productivity through federated search 
  • Apache Solr and ManifoldCF perfects search & security.
  • Content within your enterprise becomes smarter as you go
  • Scalability and speed of performance ensured

Reporting & Analytics

Zaizi have built a suite of reporting additions for Alfresco, leveraging technologies like Pentaho, Logstash and Elastic search, to add enormous value to the back end of your ECM

The reports will give you insights such as where all your data is coming from, to highest value and accessed content and then on to compliance and regulatory obligations, such as retention, user access and locked documents. 

  • Departmental breakdown - How your ECM is being used across departments
  • Full User audit - Who granted user access and to whom
  • Full Document audit - From creators to access rights
  • Compliance reports - From retention to security
  • Administrator rights across sites and content
  • Locked documents - Who has access
  • Custom user-specific reports

Machine Learning

Enterprise Content Management systems such as Alfresco and Drupal provide great features to organise your content. For example, Alfresco provides aspects, categories and tagging to organise your documents.  However end users may provide tags with spelling mistakes, using synonyms, abbreviations, different cases that may cause semantic ambiguity and relevant information loss. This is where machine learning comes into play.
  • “Automated" content identification, consistent labelling and categorisation for Alfresco documents using widely used machine learning techniques such as clustering, classification and topic modelling. 
  • Enhanced faceted search available in Alfresco 5 to provide recommendations to end users using conceptually enhanced content.
  • Improved Information Governance by automating records classification and leveraging Alfresco’s Records Management capabilities.

Semantic Enrichment

Introducing Semantic Content Management for Alfresco

  • Language detection
  • Entity extraction
  • Intelligent search


Unstructured content represents the vast amount of information that is increasingly becoming a key area of focus for organisations to address.

But being able to use this information can be impractical unless you add some structure & meaningful contextual information to it or fundamentally as we call it: semantic enrichment. Thanks to semantic enrichment, business-critical information becomes easier to manage, distribute, access, and exploit.



We provide strategy, advisory and information architecture services to our clients to help them build content strategies that best fit your strategic roadmap to get the most value from their use of information.


Our global delivery capabilities provide clients with the right people, skills and expertise to deliver industry leading architecture and development services with greater reliability, quality and productivity.


Managed Service

For customers wishing to remove the burden of operating their solution, we offer a Managed Service. All aspects of the solution are managed by Zaizi, including hosting, upgrades and management of third parties.