Communicate, Collaborate & Transform into a Digital Workplace with Zaizi's Social Intranet

With the flexibility of a Drupal front end and the power of Alfresco to manage all of your organisations content

Fast growing businesses thrive on the ability to make decisions quickly by collaborating with colleagues in every department. Information distribution in large organisations is a complex task with hundreds of employees working across different locations, using a wide variety of software applications.

As a result, your organisation’s communication lines suffer with increasing costs and poor quality interactions. Timeliness of decisions is lost in the process.

Be smart, flexible and customer focused

Our secure intranet, using Drupal and Alfresco provides a tried and tested powerful intranet solution that solves this problem. Our intranet solution is a secure and cloud-scalable that enables globally dispersed staff, colleagues, partners and customers to collaborate and communicate quickly and effectively.

Combining Drupal and Alfresco delivers a powerful platform with all the features needed to build a social intranet with engaging community features, and solid document management capabilities.

Our proven track record for delivering successful intranets & information exchange portals to global clients such as Oxfam International and the Department for Education has allowed us to gain deep industry insight into building cloud-scalable intranets and portals.

Key Features


    Single Sign On

    One sign-in to access everything, with user permission and rights automatically added to each system

    One place to work

    Wherever you are, sign on to one system and access all you need, documents, calenders, meetings and news a click away.

    Stay up to date with activity feeds

    Ensure all employees are up to date with the news important to them. From public news  to internal feeds, your staff will always be in the know.

    Personalised experience

    Personalise your experience with dashlets and activity feeds unique for every employee.

    Easy content management

    Having your intranet and content management system aligned means knowledge is easier to share and access. 

    Real-time communication

    Introducing Meetings, Share, chat, edit, take notes and save everything without leaving the Intranet. a powerful tool to help you work together effectively

    Seamless Collaboration

    Share & access documents, comment, annotate, edit and discuss with powerful tools to help your team collaborate.

    Create easy workflows

    Create to do lists and workflows based around your documents, automatically added to calenders and assigned to users.

    Via any device

    Ensure your employees can access all they need, from wherever they are and accesible via any device you choose.

Stay up to date with important company news wherever you are

The modern workforce is mobile, so ensure your employees aren't misssing out by allowing them access to all the information they need to get their work done, even when working remotely.

Share, chat, edit and take notes all without leaving the intranet

Introducing Meetings. You can add, share, chat, edit, save and call all from the intranet, keeping access to your notes, documents and colleagues so that information is always retained.

The power of Alfresco combined with the power of your workforce

Zaizi's Intranet uses Alfresco as a backend system to ensure you have the best in document and records management, with all the convenience of your staff never having to leave the intranet. 

Next Generation Social Intranet: The Digital Workplace

Zaizi’s next generation social intranet, or the Digital Workplace as we call it, is built using the best-of-breed open source technologies to bring you the social, content collaborative experience of the contemporary and well-equipped workplace, yet offering you a familiar experience for your employees.

  • Socially collaborate on projects to get things done faster amongst your team.

  • Share a variety of files and digital assets and integrate new documents into existing files securely amongst peers

  • Retrieve, share and update different versions of a document in development and organise files based on ratings, comments and feedback.

  • Share news and updates with employees and mobile workforce.

  • Find people quickly and chat with them in real time

Watch the Video

Oxfam required a collaboration platform to improve communication globally and ensure information was available in the 90 countries that it operates.

View the Presentation

Zaizi's Dishan Phillips presenting at the Alfresco Summit 2014: Building the Perfect Intranet.



We provide strategy, advisory and information architecture services to our clients to help them build content strategies that best fit your strategic roadmap to get the most value from their use of information.


Our global delivery capabilities provide clients with the right people, skills and expertise to deliver industry leading architecture and development services with greater reliability, quality and productivity.


Managed Service

For customers wishing to remove the burden of operating their solution, we offer a Managed Service. All aspects of the solution are managed by Zaizi, including hosting, upgrades and management of third parties.