The power of Machine Learning

Enterprise Content Management systems such as Alfresco and Drupal provide great features to organise your content. For example, Alfresco provides aspects, categories and tagging to organise your documents.  However end users may provide tags with spelling mistakes, using synonyms, abbreviations, different cases that may cause semantic ambiguity and relevant information loss.

Powerful predictive analytics

This is where machine learning comes in to play. Machine learning – mining historical data with computer systems to predict future trends or behaviour – touches more and more lives every day. Search engines, online recommendations, fraud detection, spam filters – machine learning powers all these modern services. But these uses barely scratch the surface of what's possible.

Machine learning can be applied to organise, find and analyse large volume of content much more effectively. This makes it easy to search for and find the most relevant content in large content repositories.

Organise your content

Machine learning organises documents by finding a structure in the unstructured content. Using machine learning, we can annotate documents with its thematic information, providing tag recommendations at the time of content creation. 
We can create or extend folksonomy and taxonomy structure using auto generated semantic categories & enrich the content using derived new metadata allowing companies to unleash more value from their data, more quickly and efficiently.

Machine Learning for Alfresco

Manually creating and most importantly maintaining an organisational taxonomy to organise documents is time consuming and labor intensive. 
Machine Learning for Alfresco enables:
  • “Automated" content identification, consistent labelling and categorisation for Alfresco documents using widely used machine learning techniques such as clustering, classification and topic modelling. 
  • Enhanced faceted search available in Alfresco 5 to provide recommendations to end users using conceptually enhanced content.
  • Improved Information Governance by automating records classification and leveraging Alfresco’s Records Management capabilities.

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Watch Jayani Withanawasam presenting at the Alfresco Summit 2014 | Set Your Content Straight

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