From unstructured content to intelligent connected content

Unstructured content represents the vast amount of information that is increasingly becoming a key area of focus for organisations to address.
But being able to use this information can be impractical unless you add some structure & meaningful contextual information to it or fundamentally as we call it: semantic enrichment. Thanks to semantic enrichment, business-critical information becomes easier to manage, distribute, access, and exploit.

Introducing Semantic Content Management for Alfresco

We introduced an innovative semantic enrichment technique for Alfresco enterprise content management, using semantic markups. It helps you link all necessary and related information to your content file and avoids the hassle of type-in search. This enriches your organisations content, whether it is a piece of text, video or image and helps you relate the exact meaning to your content within itself. 

Key Features:

Language detection:

• International companies with offices worldwide, create documents in multiple languages. With the language detection functionality, they can auto-detect the language in which documents are written so it can be indexed correctly by the search engine. This enables you to use pretty much the same functionality that Google does: pages in English.

Entity extraction:

• With the entity extraction functionality, you can identify useful data within the content and annotate with additional metadata. Using this extracted information we can help users navigate and discover documents in new ways through richer user interfaces. With these entities you can form relationships among documents.

Intelligent search:

• We have improved the search experience, by enabling to filter results with facets and disambiguated terms suggestion. With facets, users can refine their searches to get what they are searching for. On the other hand, by using terms disambiguation the system can guess what the user is searching for, and suggest more specific searching terms. With Semantic Technologies, we can identify entities in documents and use them to build better search interfaces that improve the search experience.

Watch the presentation

Watch Aingaran Pillai, Zaizi's CTO, presenting at the Alfresco Summit 2014 | Advanced Information Technologies for Alfresco



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