Powerful Business Process Management


Manage your executable business processes with Alfresco and Activiti

Companies are starting to realise that digital strategies aren’t only about customer engagement; they’re also about unlocking value from existing operational data and systems to improve how knowledge is shared and work is coordinated.

An integral part of any organisation is efficient process. Standardising and implementing business processes across the enterprise creates effectiveness, ensures consistency and leads to continuous improvement.

Introducing Business Process Management with Alfresco Activiti.

Open source business process management (BPM) such as Activiti can assist organisations of any size with designing, automating and deploying business processes or workflows of various kinds.

Alfresco Activiti is a new approach to BPM that allows you to be adaptable and flexible, adhere to changing business conditions and provide more personalised customer experiences. Together with our partnership, we offer Activiti consulting, implemenation and support services to enable a new way to work.

Make it easy to define and automate the critical processes that run your business:

  • Open and modern BPM platform allows flexibility for automating, customising and rapidly adapting business processes
  • Graphical tools 
  • Integrated process and document management capabilities 
  • Human-centric workflows
  • Accessible via any standard web browser and from mobile devices
  • Reusable process and forms libraries enable fast and simple rapid application assembly
  • Support for on-premise and in the cloud options
  • Process reporting 

Acitviti’s ease of use and ease of deployment makes it very easy for any organization to try BPM in their business. Rather than betting a huge up-front investment in licensing, training and infrastructure, with Activiti you can start small and increment on success.

Introducing Zaizi’s Project Definition for Workflow Management

If you are embarking on an implementation of ECM, or any of its facets such as business process management, you will be facing a number of questions. For example: how much effort will it take? Is my organisation ready for this project? How much will it cost? Is it feasible? What benefits should we expect? What solutions are available and are they suitable?
In order to resolve such questions we offer a cost-effective service that seeks to answer these queries for your organisation and leave you in a position to be able to start an ECM project with a high probability of success.  View engagement packages here

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