Test Driven Development (TDD/BDD) with Drupal 8

by Niraj Meegama
Test Driven Development also known as Behaviour driven development is one of the most fast developing trends for test automation. Drupal Extension is Drupal's step towards TDD. Its a lot of big words but its something very simple.

Zaizi's Latest Web Talks

by Chris Conway
Join us here every month for our ten minute web talks showcasing Zaizi's solutions, including Alfresco add ons, technology integrations and document centric solutions for the enterprise

DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

by Niraj Meegama
 Drupal 8 released Drupal Con Amsterdam 2014 happened this September 29th to 3rd October. It was my first Drupal Con. From start to end it was nothing but awesome.

DrupalCon 2014

by Anonymous (not verified)
I recently went to the DrupalCon 2014 event for the lovely Annual DrupalCon event held in the lovely city of Amsterdam this year. This is the 5th time I have been to the conference now and the first with Zaizi. Obviously being to the conference before I knew what to expect, so an opportunity to network with the community again, learn techniques from the other members of the Drupal community and learn what's happening in the future.

Configure Drupal with OpenAM

by Zaizi Blogs
Configure Drupal with OpenAM

Applying Machine Learning for Smart Content Solutions

by Jayani Withanawasam
Any one would like to have a clean and organised room, but no one would like to do the hard work that is required to achieve it by them selves, right? How about a robot who will clean your room so that you can find everything easily? Likewise, would you like a robot to clean your content? You may even agree with me, if I say that your content repository is lot messier than this.

What to Consider When Choosing Your CMS

by Chris Conway
 If you were to put Drupal and Wordpress into a search engine of your choice, (let’s say Google shall we) you will find thousands of articles for and against, each with their set of dedicat