Zaizi's Latest Web Talks

by Chris Conway
Join us here every month for our ten minute web talks showcasing Zaizi's solutions, including Alfresco add ons, technology integrations and document centric solutions for the enterprise

Introduction to Ephesoft in ECM

by Varatharaja Kaj...
Ephesoft is an open source, intelligent document capture & data classification platform that accelerates the identification of various document types and extracts meaningful data to feed back ECM systems like Alfresco, office applications and line of business processes.

Technology and forward thinking, a recipe for smarter working

by Zaizi Blogs
Guest Blog By Robin Lewis, EDRM Domain Manager, Bristol City CouncilLike a lot of councils, we’re having to think about how we shape ourselves f

5 ways to re-engineer your Invoice Process

by Zaizi Blogs
Invoices are most often recognised as a nightmare in Accounts Payable departments, attributing to the fact that it consumes hours if not, days.

Digital Mailroom

by Zaizi Blogs
Mailrooms are one of the frustrating points of operation in both traditional and modern organisations. Large volumes of mails arrive by post, email, faxes or either hand delivery.

5 Reasons I Love Ephesoft

by Zaizi Blogs
At the start of this blog I think its important for me to let you know a bit about me, I’m Paul Barber, I’ve been working in the Document Capture marketplace for the last 20 years and have, along the way had to pleasure of working on projects that involve market leading software from the likes of Kofax, EMC, AnyDOC, Tis and Readsoft.

The Digital Mailroom Revolution

by Zaizi Blogs
There's a revolution coming in the mailroom, even if you've already implemented a digital mailroom it is time to look again, new solutions are streamlining processes and enabling businesses to adopt a 'point of entry' document capture philosophy.

Ephesoft: Know Your Customer!

by Zaizi Blogs
I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever been in the situation where you have been asked for additional proof of address or income information as part of an application for something, there are times when it can be very frustrating. Take for instance a couple of years ago I wanted to buy a new car, nothing posh, not too expensive either.

Ephesoft: Platform of Capture

by Zaizi Blogs
The first thing I’m going to do is let everybody know what I mean by a Platform of Capture. For many people they will be of the view that it is purely document scanning, a user walks up to a MFD (what is MFD?) or equivalent, scans a document and it goes to a file share or into their e-mail.