Digital Dedication: How governments can go digital

by Chris Conway
Last week we got together with our partner Alfresco and customer the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Behaviour Driven Development using Cucumber

by Mohomed Rashad
Cucumber is a free and open source tool to support Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) with plain text specifications. It has revolutionised the software development lifecycle by melding requirements, automated testing and documentation into a well integrated one

The Care Act: No time to dilly dally

by Aingaran Pillai
'The Care Act provides local authorities with a chance to put in place a robust digital environment that lends itself to wider organisational benefit,' writes Aingaran Pillai, CTO and founder of Zaizi

Digital technologies reinventing insurance industry

by Navneet Hundal
There are huge opportunities from digital technologies specific to the insurance sector – at the heart of them is data. How data is assessed, secured and captured has never been more important.

Immerse your customers in rich, social web experiences with Crafter

by Zaizi Blogs
Immerse your customers in rich, social web experiences with Crafter

Chat integration for Alfresco Share

by Zaizi Blogs
Our goal was to create a chat functionality using open source technologies. It is already present within this environment; we just need to collect it to create this feature. The Alfresco chat component is based on the protocol XMPP. This protocol is actually used for the most famous chat services on the internet like Facebook, Google Talk and Whatsapp. The reason to use this protocol is because of the open protocol and can be extended easily if we need it to support new features.

How to integrate Alfresco and Liferay?

by Zaizi Blogs
This post is a quick reminder on how to install and to configure Alfresco with Liferay... It’s never a bad idea to refresh his mind.