Sensefy - Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search

by Anonymous (not verified)
Sensefy, the new Semantic Search Engine developed by Zaizi; based on cutting edge Open Source technology it will bring a complete new advanced search experience to users.

Introducing Semantic Content Management from RedLink

by Zaizi Blogs
The Semantic Web will bring structure to the meaningful content of Web pages, creating an environment where software agents roaming from page to page can readily carry out sophisticated tasks for users

Using Semantic Technologies in Alfresco

by Zaizi Blogs
At Alfresco DevCon 2012 in Berlin I presented Alfresco & the Semantic Web.The focus of the presentation is how semantic technologies can be used to enable the discovery of information within an Alfresco repository and improve the user experience.

Zaizi present Alfresco Semantic Solution at Semantic Enterprise Technologies Conference

by Zaizi Blogs
Zaizi recently participated in the 7th IKS workshop that took place in Salzburg, Austria on 12-13 June. We joined the IKS community to share our experience in the use of Semantic Technologies within the enterprise and how IKS technology stack can enhance the functionality of Enterprise Content Management systems and make it easier to interact with and find the right content.

Semantic Search Tool on Alfresco

by Zaizi Blogs
ome weeks ago, I went to Aarhus (Denmark) to present our proposition about a semantic search tool on Alfresco during the J Boye Conference. Our idea is to provide a semantic search tool allowing users to use many searching techniques in the same user interface.