Alfresco Mahout Content Recommendation

by Zaizi Blogs
In this era where digital information has become the main source of knowledge across the globe, Alfresco has a relevant role to play as it manages huge volumes of data for companies and users.

Applying Machine Learning for Smart Content Solutions

by Jayani Withanawasam
Any one would like to have a clean and organised room, but no one would like to do the hard work that is required to achieve it by them selves, right? How about a robot who will clean your room so that you can find everything easily? Likewise, would you like a robot to clean your content? You may even agree with me, if I say that your content repository is lot messier than this.

Sensefy - Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search

by Anonymous (not verified)
Sensefy, the new Semantic Search Engine developed by Zaizi; based on cutting edge Open Source technology it will bring a complete new advanced search experience to users.

Making the decision to move from Alfresco Community to Enterprise

by Zaizi Blogs
Alfresco as an open source product is great because it is free to use (GPL Licence), but only when they are offered as a Community Edition. Functionalities of Community and Enterprise are exactly the same.

Secure Collaboration with Alfresco

by Zaizi Blogs
Content security and data privacy are high in demand in most organisations in Government, Legal and Financial sector. However, secure collaboration is fundamental to these organisations to get work done by allowing their employees to work together effectively.

Publishing made more powerful than just Web Content Management

by Zaizi Blogs
Competitive Advantage in the Publishing Industry Technical innovation has sparked significant social change in the publishing industry and we now live in an era where information i

The next generation in Alfresco search is here!

by Zaizi Blogs
With the beginning of XXI century and even a couple of decades before, the world was started to be seen as a digital one, and the importance to getting rid of analog stuff and looking for a digital replace

Using Semantic Technologies in Alfresco

by Zaizi Blogs
At Alfresco DevCon 2012 in Berlin I presented Alfresco & the Semantic Web.The focus of the presentation is how semantic technologies can be used to enable the discovery of information within an Alfresco repository and improve the user experience.

Zaizi present Alfresco Semantic Solution at Semantic Enterprise Technologies Conference

by Zaizi Blogs
Zaizi recently participated in the 7th IKS workshop that took place in Salzburg, Austria on 12-13 June. We joined the IKS community to share our experience in the use of Semantic Technologies within the enterprise and how IKS technology stack can enhance the functionality of Enterprise Content Management systems and make it easier to interact with and find the right content.