A lightweight, powerful BPM tool for the modern enterprise

Easily integrate your line of business applications with open standards using a tool simple and advanced enough for the entire workforce

What is Activiti?


Activiti is an enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) solution, approachable for business users, and advanced enough for business critical process development.  

Its a high performance business process engine with the flexibility and scalability to handle a wide variety of critical processes. This modern BPM solution also provides a powerful suite of end user tools and benefits from open source and open standards so it couldn’t be easier to integrate with a wide range of enterprise content management systems, including Alfresco.

Key Features


    Flexibility & Scalability

    High performance engine to handle a wide variety of critical processes

    BPMN Editor

    For dedicated BPM analysts to create powerful process models

    Mobile Acces

    Enable the remote workforce with tasks on the go

    User Friendly Tools

    Easy to use tools to model and deploy business processes fast

    Drag & Drop Forms Editor

    Simplicity in creation to capture important business data

    Open Source, Open Standards

    Enable easy integration with line-of-business applications

    Step Editor

    Guide business users through easy design of process models

    Task Based Inboxes

    Enable users to take part in group and team based processes

    Forms Library

    To share and reuse forms across processes

Top reasons why customers choose Zaizi for Activiti

Standalone, Activiti is a powerful tool, but to ensure your workforce understands, adopts, uses and gets the most out of it, it has to work seamlessly within their own environments. Being open source and open standards, we can ensure Activiti is seamlessly integrated into line of business applications, content and records management systems and importantly, that they can collaborate from wherever they are.

  • Experts in system integration of Activiti with other open standards based systems
  • First-rate engineering and design ideas from experts
  • From complex business processes, to simple workflows, ensure processes are optimised and supported throughout. 

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Introduction to Activiti

...with adaptable business processes, reduced costs and a personalised customer experience.

Join Alfresco & Zaizi on this webinar to learn how to be able to manage business processes that have unpredictable workflows, with Business process management (BPM) that allows you to be adaptable and flexible, adhere to changing business conditions and provide a much more personalised customer experience.

Introduction to Activiti - Paul Holmes-Higgin

Introduction to Alfresco Activiti the business BPM and workflow engine from the Alfresco Meetup for Government by founder Paul Holmes-Higgins.

Correspondence and case management with Alfresco & Activiti - Giuseppe Malanga

Guiseppe Malanga, Solution Architect at Zaizi takes us through the workflow process as it runs Alfresco as a UI and Activiti running in the background to power these processes, as well as a full reporting module.

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