A secure, scalable and flexible platform for all your data management needs

With over 1 million monthly active customers across every industry and a new UK region, AWS has the proven capability to meet your specific business needs for scale, operations, security and compliance.

AWS Public Sector Partner

“Zaizi strives, above all, to make government organisations truly data-driven. All our customers expect and want to base their data services on truly innovative platforms, which makes this cooperation with AWS so exciting, not only for us, but for our customers as well."

Why Choose Amazon Web Services?

With AWS’ launch of a new UK data centre, there has never been a better time for UK government and other regulated industries to take advantage of the vast range of services and products available through Amazon Web Services, from scaling up to petabyte data warehouses, to shrinking services when no longer required, allowing you to take full control of your data in the cloud.
Experiment with data projects and services that are fast to deploy, low risk and with predictable costing. Running virtually any application in the cloud, AWS can help you innovate faster, operate more securely and save substantial costs.

Why Zaizi?

Zaizi has a rich history in delivering some of the largest data and digital transformation projects in central and local government utilising public cloud platforms. Using Agile and DevOps, Zaizi aims to improve the outcomes of solutions it supplies with continuous improvements over the life of the service and delivering them to the highest security and compliance standards.
We strive to ensure our customers are utilising the promise of connected and shared services across government, with a view to creating data platforms that can enrich and improve the way our customers work and improve the public services they are supplying to their citizens



UK region

Allows organisations to ensure their data is stored within the UK and is subject to UK law and data protection regulations.

PSN Connectivity

Provides security, integrity and reliability assurance to the access of your data in the cloud.

256 bit Encryption

Securely encrypt and protect all the data you store with Amazon Web Services

Innovate Faster

Using cloud automation, deploy, test and evolve solutions faster.

Key Management

Easily create and control encryption keys so you know exactly who has access to your valuable data, with a full trail and logs to help meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

Wide PaaS Offering

Remove the need to scale and oversee the underlying infrastructure and focus on delivering big data application to improve service offering.

Meets CESG Principles

Adhere to CESG’s Cloud security principles in line with UK government's national technical authority for information assurance.

Trusted by Government

Already widely used and trusted within UK and worldwide government bodies to supply leading data solutions whilst staying secure and compliant to their national regulations.

Zaizi to offer data-as-a-service powered by Talend and Amazon Web Services to public sector clients

Data Focused Solutions Will Provide Agile Cloud Platforms For Effective Use Of Data Across Government

Zaizi announces it will fully integrate data-driven solutions from Talend and Amazon Web Services (AWS) into its core offering. Zaizi will implement solutions from both companies throughout the data focused work it carries out for government departments.

By incorporating software offerings from Talend, a global leader in big data and cloud integration solutions, Zaizi will improve data management standards for government clients, thus ensuring they can easily find, access and use good quality data in delivering their services. Read the full press release

Alfresco Services and DevOps Toolkits Accelerate Time to Value for Customers

Happily the introduction of cloud environments like Amazon Web Services and tools such as Terraform and Ansible allows us to “spin up” new environments on demand, and then throw them away once they are no longer required. As well as not paying for environments you are not using, this also has the benefit of having the environments fully under control; as soon as you start allowing manual configuration then inconsistencies and errors inevitably creep in. Read the Continuous Delivery blog

Zaizi's thoughts on the AWS summit

From Sergio Rojas, CTO at Zaizi:

AWS summit only confirmed what my experience during the last few years on different projects (especially government) tells me. Cloud is changing the way this world works and specifically the way systems are architectured. This last one puts even more importance on the microservice approach that brings the design and architecture to a different level where connecting things properly is becoming more important than building things properly. It is very promising to see that AWS is able to address problems that have given me such a headache, extra work hours and extra cost for the company. Read the blog here