Expert integrators of Drupal with open standards based systems

Zaizi have proven experience designing and building Drupal based content systems for global organisations and government departments.

What is Drupal?


Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) that is flexible and scalable enough to work with some of the largest websites on the internet. Drupal's open architecture enables businesses to use it as a front end for corporate intranets, web sites, content portals, form handling and many other ways for you to serve your companies content more efficiently. 

 Zaizi provides open cloud hosting, developer tools and world-class support for Drupal, the open source content management platform that unifies content, community and commerce. 

Key Features


    Highly Scalable

    Deliver great digital experiences, regardless of size or demand & ensure site availability.

    Device friendly

    Fully customisable front end to ensure a perfect experience on any device to give users a seamless experience.


    With the power of open source, you can integrate, automate and engage on multiple platforms.


    A proven, secure CMS that organisations around the world trust with business critical applications

    Easy Content Authoring

    Drupal is designed to make publishing content easy, no coding background necessary for publishing of content.

    Strong Stack Foundation

    Built on modern and effective technologies; Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, to meet the needs of the modern workplace.

    Tools for Business

    A fully flexible CMS that will adapt to your needs. Support all your business needs & create tailored solutions.


    Built-in language capabilities to ensure localised and international requirements are handled faster.

    Content as a Service

    Make the most of your content with Drupal, make it work across devices, web, apps, third party sites and social media, all on demand.

Top reasons why customers choose Zaizi for Drupal

Drupal gives organisations unparalleled freedom to engage across every channel, unify content, community and commerce to meet your demands and to achieve your digital ambitions. Drupal's vibrant community and limitless scalability coupled with Zaizi's integration expertise enables us to build a digital workplace that transforms the way you work.

  • Experts in system integration of Drupal with other open standards based systems
  • First-rate engineering and design ideas from experts
  • Award winners in web experience solutions

Next Generation Social Intranet: Built with Drupal and Alfresco

Zaizi’s next generation social intranet, or the Digital Workplace as we call it, is built using Drupal and Alfresco, the best of breed open source technologies to bring you the social - content collaborative experience of the contemporary and well-equipped workplace, yet offering you a familiar experience for your employees.

  • Socially collaborate on projects to get things done faster amongst your team.

  • Share a variety of files and digital assets and integrate new documents into existing files securely amongst peers

  • Retrieve, share and update different versions of a document in development and organise files based on ratings, comments and feedback.

  • Share news and updates with employees and mobile workforce.

  • Find people quickly and chat with them in real time