Webinar Date: 22nd February 2018 09:30 - 10:30 Am GMT

Digital Transformation is certainly the talk of the town but the reality is, transforming and delivering change has many challenges. With a decade of experience delivering digital services to the public sector, we have repeatedly found:

  • Project delay as unforeseen legacy IT complexities and dependencies hit schedules
  • Escalating costs as a consequence of greater complexity and an initial underestimation of the tasks
  • Initial business goals and objectives either only met partially or in some cases not at all 
A key area we have identified for improved project outcomes is making the right start, getting all stakeholders engaged and critically ensuring the link between digital and internal ICT is made early with a single plan for change.
To help with this process we have partnered with Fluent Interaction, a Digital and User Experience specialist to create our new service, Digital Transformation in a Day. A service designed to help you either kick start a new digital transformation project with greater impact or accelerate an existing one.

Sign up for our webinar and hear Zaizi and Fluent discuss how this new service could help you:

  • Gain greater engagement in your high-level vision
  • Revolutionise your customer experience
  • Understand how IT becomes an enabler to your change
  • Master governance, risk & compliance
  • Build project momentum early 

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Accelerate you Digital Transformation plans within a Day!