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Configure Drupal with OpenAM

Dishan Philips - 8th July, 2014
An Identity Provider like OpenAM will enable you to have users authenticated across multiple web apps including Drupal hosted in the cloud or your own infrastructure with your internal user directory. ...

Applying Machine Learning for Smart Content Solutions

Jayani Withanawasam - 3rd July, 2014
Machine learning can be applied to organise, find and analyse large volume of content more effectively. They make it easy to search for and find the most relevant content in large content repositories.  ...

Collaborative Working in the Public Sector Survey 2014

Chris Conway - 2nd July, 2014
Zaizi, teaming up with Alfresco, commissioned the survey to investigate how the public sector is managing its collaborative platforms and how well they judge that these systems have been adopted.  ...

Public Sector Show 2014 - Recap

Chris Conway - 14th May, 2014
Tuesday 13th May saw the opening of the widely anticipated Public Sector Show 2014 at the ExCel London, now in its fourth year, drawing public sector workers, managers and influencers from all over the country. ...

Sensefy: Content Discovery Through Entity Driven Search

Alessandro Benedetti - 25th April, 2014
Leveraging enterprise information is no easy task, especially when unstructured information represents more than 80% of enterprise content. Meaningfully structuring content is critical for companies, Natural Language Processing and Semantic Enrichment is becoming increasingly important to improve the quality of tasks related to information retrieval. ...


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