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5 ways to re-engineer your Invoice Process

Lakshika Paiva - 31st March, 2014
Invoices are most often recognised as a nightmare in Accounts Payable departments, attributing to the fact that it consumes hours if not, days. It is highly error-prone especially when they are processed manually, and costly for any business. ...

What to Consider When Choosing Your CMS

Chris Conway - 20th March, 2014
If you were to put Drupal and Wordpress into a search engine of your choice, (let’s say Google shall we) you will find thousands of articles for and against, each with their set of dedicated followers and opponents that will tell you why they believe theirs is better and why not to invest any time in the other.  ...

Making the decision to move from Alfresco Community to Enterprise

Lakshika Paiva - 14th March, 2014
Functionalities of Community and Enterprise are exactly the same. But Enterprise Edition differs by the service or support that you eventually have to pay for. Beyond that, what are the differences between Community and Enterprise, and why is Enterprise Edition recommended for commercial deployment? ...

Secure Alfresco Collaboration

Lakshika Paiva - 7th March, 2014
Content security and data privacy are high in demand in most organisations in Government, Legal and Financial sector. However, secure collaboration is fundamental to these organisations to get work done by allowing their employees to work together effectively. How can organisations enable their employees to use newer tools and systems, but yet meet the security and compliance requirement...

Digital Mailroom

Lakshika Paiva - 27th February, 2014
Mailrooms are one of the frustrating points of operation in both traditional and modern organisations. Large volumes of mails arrive by post, email, faxes or either hand delivery. From arrival to getting it across to the right recipient consumes days, if not weeks and demands a lot of effort. ...


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