Realising potential together

Our values are not abstract, intangible beliefs. Our values are what we expect from each other and underpin everything we do.

Be open-minded

Change when needed, be inclusive, think laterally and talk.

Think selflessly

Work as a collective, benefit others and focus on the success of the group.

Show passion

Go the extra mile, want better and always love to learn.

Social values and community

Our values reflect how we address issues like diversity, economic inequality, societal wellbeing and the environment.

We’re very aware of providing social value; whether that’s in our local community, through the projects we work on, or in the charitable causes we champion.

Hands Holding And Caring A Young Green Plant

A carbon negative company

Zaizi are committed to working with the UK government and public sector organisations to help the push towards net zero emissions.

We’ve partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to measure and offset our carbon footprint. We have also put in place a carbon reduction plan and have committed to making our company net zero by 2050.