Selenium Conference: Add your load tests to the Continuous Integration Pipeline

SeleniumConf ’17 was held on the 3rd-5th of April 2017, in Austin, Texas and I was delighted to be invited again to speak, with yet another session titled, ‘Leverage Your Load Tests With JMeter And Selenium Grid’ all about the work I have been doing on automated load testing with Alfresco for continuous deployment and integration.

I have been in the Test Automation field for about 3 years now in which I have mainly been working with Selenium and JMeter.

I have been working with numerous U.K Government Clients, including the Ministry of Justice, Department for Education, and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. I have been working with automated and performance testing and contributing to continuous integration. 

This was the second Selenium Conference that I spoke in.

My Talk

My talk was inspired by the performance challenges we have faced in our continuous integration. As the world is moving towards continuous integration, performance testing is not given much thought at the initial stages of development. Even though Agile methodology has become part and parcel of the Software Development world, performance testing is mostly looked upon towards the later part of the life cycle. I decided to give the audience a glimpse of how important load testing is and how it can be made part of your continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline. 

The Selenium Conference: My Thoughts

The event started off with numerous workshops conducted by a few of the Selenium Committers and Contributors on the 3rd of April 2017, which was followed by the Speakers’ Dinner in The Vince Young Steakhouse. This is where speakers were introduced to each other. It was a diverse group of people, most of them were from United States of America, and others were from India, Australia and the Europe. As we met for drinks and moved to have dinner I encountered into various conversations related to Test Automation and how each other overcome technical challenges.

The conference on 4th commenced with the interesting as well as humorous keynote by Simon Stewart, Lead Committer, Selenium Project & Creator of WebDriver. Access keynote here.

Other keynote speakers were Jim Evans, Lead Member of Technical Staff at, also the Core Committer of Selenium  (Internet Explorer Driver) and Denali Lumma – Founder: People Engineering, UBER. The conference included both technical and business presentations.

The talk on Zalenium was one interesting and innovative approach to use dynamic Selenium Grid. 

Another talk I carried back with me was about Security Test Driven Development which gave us the insight how security testing can be part of Continuous Integration and Delivery so that we are cautious of security glitches.

Talks on how to enhance your continuous integration pipeline and approaches to have a trustworthy continuous integration pipeline

Usage of Docker for Appium Tests was also an interesting and helpful talk.

All of the talks were interesting and had a lot of work and research put into them. I was delighted to be part of a great league of speakers once again and I throw out a huge thanks and applause to the Selenium Conference Organizing Committee for having such a well executed and flawless conference.

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