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Organisations are creating tremendous volumes of digital content – documents, e-mails, videos, audio, images, etc.

Enterprise Content Management systems that capture, manage and store this digital big data are a key component of a modern organisation’s information technology landscape. 

At Zaizi, we’ve been deploying Alfresco as an organisation wide Enterprise Content Hub for Government and Financial Services organisations. Enterprise Content Hub is a single platform deployed across an organisation for the storage and management of all digital content. 

Enterprise Content Hub Features 

An Enterprise Content Hub should provide;

Alfresco Content Hub

Alfresco’s modern architecture – built on open source and open standards based software – enables it to be cloud scalable on commodity hardware to meet the demands of global organisation for an Enterprise Content Hub. At the upcoming “Adopting Open Source Software within the corporate ICT strategy” conference I will be presenting how Zaizi is helping large government and financial services organisations to utilise Alfresco as an Enterprise Content Hub by integrating with other open source technologies.

In the talk and subsequently in a series of blog posts I will specifically cover;

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