Digital Transformation Weekly: CEOs to take the lead

Digital transformation will be a top business priority next year as organisations realise the largest growth opportunities are in the digital sphere, says ZDNet.

Amongst its biggest trends and insights in digital transformation in 2019, ZDNet says CEOs will lead the charge. Traditionally, it’s the chief information officer that instigates change but that trend is shifting as digital transformation becomes a key priority for businesses.

Increasing education within organisations and better integration of digital initiatives are amongst the other 11 trends and insights mentioned in the piece.

Tech or people?

Digital transformation; is it about tech or is it about people? This piece says every organisation needs people that believe in technology disruption and can handle the challenge of implementing this transformation.

It argues that people are key to digital transformation. Technology alone cannot drive change. The challenge is uncovering people that take risks and can create that culture change within an organisation.

Coding yourself out of a job

Here’s an interesting piece about automation – are coders programming themselves out of jobs? The article kicks off with a story about an anonymous post on Reddit in 2016 about a coder who confessed to not doing any work for 6 years because he/she had automated their workload within eight months of arriving.

The piece looks at how workplace automation can come in many forms and be led by staff from the ground up, and not necessarily the leadership.

Blockchain in vogue

Once viewed sceptically by governments, blockchain is beginning to move away from cryptocurrencies and be adopted by organisations and governments. HM Land Registry is exploring the tech to develop a faster, simpler and cheaper land registration process.

It’s part of the non-ministerial government department’s research and development project, Digital Street. The project aims to explore how technology can revolutionise the land registration and property buy-sell process.

Such a thing as ethical hacking?

Hacking is always seen in a negative light. And rightly so; in most instances it’s malevolent. But this piece looks at ethical hacking and how it can be a lawful way to assess a company’s vulnerabilities. Penetration testing allows a company to see how their system would perform by using the same tools and techniques a malicious hacker would use.

On our projects, we use various methods to constantly monitor and protect businesses and prevent them from being victims of future cybersecurity attacks.

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