Digital Transformation Weekly: Embedding cyber security from the start

Each week we’ll scour the web to give you a round-up of all the latest and best news and views around digital transformation.

We start this week by concentrating on security. Our very own Andrew Hawkins wrote a piece for techUK on why adopting cloud and embedding “good enough” cyber security is a great starting point for businesses.

Andrew pointed out that cloud technology is ready for businesses to use and will help them become competitive and save costs. He added that security needs be part of how an organisation does business, from the start. And ‘good enough’ security is good enough. It isn’t a poor cousin to gold-plated; good enough means implementing the security a business needs at that moment in time and continually evolving it as threats change.

Talking of security, a recent survey found that a third of businesses say they would terminate contracts with suppliers whose negligence caused them to become a victim of cybercrime.

Unsurprisingly, the study reveals the majority of businesses leaders believe their suppliers should not expose them to unnecessary cyber security risks.

Increasingly, more interactions are occurring with customers on screen rather than in person. And this means stronger security measures need to be implemented. This piece argues that digital identity verification needs to play a major part in any digital transformation an organisation undergoes.

It’s a timely piece of news; our Innovation Team at Zaizi has recently been exploring how to use facial recognition to add rigour and better security to two-factor authentication. More on this in the coming weeks!

In other news, this feature from Raconteur looks at how digital transformation shouldn’t be part of the digital strategy, nowadays it needs to be part of the business strategy.

For digital transformation to have real meaning and be effective, it must be an ongoing process central to business strategy, it adds.  And those not embracing the change are in danger of being displaced by automation.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said every company needs to build new technology and make better use of the data generated by their operations to succeed or be left behind.

“Irrespective of which industry you’re in, if you’re a digital business, you need to do both: adopt technology and build technology,” he said during the opening keynote of the Microsoft Ignite conference in Florida. He added that the economic wealth generated by digital transformation should be spread evenly across society so everyone can benefit.

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