Top five most viewed blogs in 2019

We’ve written a whole host of blogs in the last 12 months from thought leadership content to top tips and educational pieces. But what’s been our most viewed blog of 2019?

Here’s a look at our top five posts ‘Pick of the Pops’ style!

5. Fully Agile?! Don’t make me laugh!

In at number 5, it’s a blog from our Head of Delivery on Agile. Kap gives tips on how best we navigate the delicate waters of ‘wagile’ — how our agile approach takes into consideration some of our clients’ waterfall methods.

4. The importance of people in public sector digital transformation

As the previous blog shows, people are central to digital transformation. And this blog, in at number four, reiterates that point. Our CEO and founder Ainga says we must not only invest in our technology but also our people if we want to reach our full digital potential.

3. Zaizi team building — work hard, swim hard!

Talking of people, we’re proud of our Zaizi culture. We try and cultivate a friendly, collaborative and open-minded environment. And so it’s no surprise that one of the more popular blog posts was about our annual team building exercise… just at those faces!

2.  DevSecOps in the Public Sector — the cultural change

At number 2, it’s our first piece in our ‘DevSecOps in the Public Sector’ series. DevSecOps is all the rage at the moment and we’re proud to be at the forefront. We beat multinationals to win the DevSecOps category in the Security Excellence Awards 2019.

1. What is Digital Process Automation and why do I need it?

We’ve done quite a few blogs about Digital Process Automation this year. DPA provides a strategic approach to automating and digitising business processes and systems. And since it’s been a focus for us in 2019, it’s no wonder why a blog on DPA would be our most popular in the year.

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