Zaizi graduates — what’s their first few months been like?

Gemma and Emily joined Zaizi this summer as part of our graduate scheme. In this short video, they answer a number of questions, including what they do at Zaizi, what training they’re undergoing and how it’s been working from home during COVID. 

Gemma, Graduate Product Manager

I’m Gemma and I’m a graduate product manager at Zaizi, and I’ve been working here just over three months. My role as a product manager is essentially to make sure that what we’re building is going to add value.

So for the end user, we obviously want to make sure that they have a system that’s going to work for them. But also for the business and for the client, we’re trying to make sure that the product meets their business goals as well. 

Why did you choose to come to Zaizi?

I chose to come work at Zaizi for a few reasons. But the main one that stands out is the work culture here. I did an internship at Zaizi while I was still at university, and it was definitely the people and the culture that made me want to come back as a grad.

What have you done in your first few months at Zaizi?

Everyone here really works collaboratively and you’re encouraged to contribute ideas and take part — whatever level you’re at.

As a grad, that’s really nice because I was kind of able to work on live projects right from my second week here. And it’s really good to do alongside your training and shadowing, because you get to put into practice the things you’ve learned about in theory. 

What impressed you since you’ve been here?

We have loads of socials and especially during covid, everyone’s made a real effort to keep up that social side of stuff, which is really nice because we’ve had so many new people joining as well.
And it all just kind of adds to make the work environment really comfortable and supportive, which I think is really important, and means that everybody kind of works at their best.

Everyone here really works collaboratively and you’re encouraged to contribute ideas and take part — whatever level you’re at.

Gemma, graduate project manager

Emily, Graduate Site Reliability Engineer

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m a graduate site reliability engineer at Zaizi. My job includes a lot of problem solving, teamwork and communication skills.

What training are you getting at Zaizi?

With regards to training, as a graduate, you are given a learning path to follow. This takes you through all the basics you need to know.

Once you’ve completed this, you’re then given a set of mini-projects where you can implement what you’ve learnt. This is a great way to get exposure to different tools and platforms. 

I’m really enjoying the graduate programme. 

How’s it been working from home?

I’ve enjoyed working from home. I’ve really enjoyed not having to commute to London. But I’m definitely missing the social aspect and can’t wait to actually meet people in real life. 

Favourite thing about working at Zaizi?

My favourite thing about working at Zaizi is definitely the people, everyone’s so supportive and so welcoming and it’s a really nice team environment.

Thanks for joining us! We’ll keep you informed with regular updates.

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