A new case management system to help rehabilitate former offenders

We built and sustain a platform that holds citizen information and securely exchanges it with third party suppliers, powering services that make it easier for people to access jobs and learning.

The client

Ministry Of Justice

Zaizi’s role

The brief

Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) is an agency made up of Her Majesty’s Prison Service, the National Probation Service and a headquarters focused on creating tools and learning. The agency’s aim is to reduce reoffending by rehabilitating people in their care through education and employment opportunities. 

As part of a new policy directive, HMPPS needed to update their legacy system. As a key supplier partner for the Ministry of Justice, we came on board to create a new case management system that held data in the cloud. This would drive the delivery of HMPPS services through third party suppliers known as community rehabilitation companies (CRCs).

The delivery 

Working agile, we created the Strategic Partner Gateway (SPG). This was a secure messaging service that supports data exchange between the Authority ICT Applications and CRCs.

The outcome

The SPG programme was successfully delivered. Continual development work has now been transitioned to the Ministry Of Justice’s digital studio. 

We continue to work onsite in this organisation, providing agile delivered enhancements to the system as part of a broader digital service delivery team.


A complex, multi-supplier environment

To complete this project, Zaizi’s team worked in an agile fashion. We collaborated with many other suppliers, including third party organisations and independent contractors and consultants. 

The project required a blended range of skills. This included implementation, infrastructure, programme management, architecture, testing, release management and post-release support services.

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