Christine Thompson attending the Global Scrum Gathering in Amsterdam 2023

Constellations as a Catalyst for Change – The Global Scrum Gathering Amsterdam


Date: OCTOBER 9-11, 2023

Where: Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Speaker: Christine Thompson, Organisational and Agile Coach

About the session

Constellations as a Catalyst for Change – 9 October, 11am

Self-awareness is a characteristic and a skill that brings huge possibilities for our personal growth. We can also develop this same kind of group-awareness in our teams.

Constellations are a way of physically positioning a group, in response to a specific question, to create an understanding of their current position and thinking. They are a powerful technique that helps us to discover who we are as a system, and to use this awareness to facilitate our growth and change as a group. They also allow us to tap into the wisdom of the system in a very different way to our normal retrospective approaches, by using physical movement as a way to access a different perspective.

In this highly-interactive session, participants will experience the use of constellations to gain deeper awareness of the current state of a system, and how to use this to create concrete steps towards positive change.

About the event

The Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gathering is a 3-day experience for agile practitioners and changemakers, of all levels, ready to connect, learn, and grow. Attendees gain invaluable insights from world leaders in the field of agile while also immersing in personalized coaching sessions, career services, and more.

This event is the ideal space for levelling up your skills and connecting with the like-minded community you need to thrive in the ever-changing world of work. 

About the speaker

Christine helps individuals, teams and organisations become the best versions of themselves. She builds people’s capabilities, coaches teams to success and guides organisations towards positive outcomes.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with Christine.

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