Christine Thompson attending the Agile on the Beach conference at FALMOUTH UNIVERSITY

Creating a Feedback Culture in Agile Teams – Agile on the Beach – 2023


Date: JULY 6 – 7, 2023

Where: Falmouth University

Speaker: Christine Thompson, Organisational and Agile Coach

About the workshop

Creating a Feedback Culture in Agile Teams – 7 July, 10:30 – 11:15am

Feedback is an essential ingredient in continuous improvement of ourselves, as individuals, and also of our teams. When we learn to use this regularly, positively and confidently, we open up huge possibilities for our collective growth and learning. So creating a feedback culture at a workplace should be a priority of every business.

Weaving together the principles of Radical Candor from Kim Scott, the Languages of Appreciation from Gary Chapman, and Robert Dilt’s Hierarchy of Neurological levels, this workshop takes a look at how and why to provide feedback in a safe and supportive way. We look at both constructive suggestions and positive appreciation as balanced approaches to creating an environment of growth and continuous improvement.

About the event

Agile on the Beach is a conference devoted to delivering an environment for businesses and individuals at all stages of their digital transformation and Agile journey to thrive, grow and develop. We propagate innovative Agile methodologies through a community of thought leaders, visionaries and adopters, widening the Agile bubble and helping businesses and individuals to add meaningful value.

Our conference attracts attendees and speakers from all over the globe and includes two full days of talks, learning, workshops, networking and social events. We talk Software Delivery, Agility In Business, Team Working, Product Design & Management and run multiple workshops over both days.

About the speaker

Christine helps individuals, teams and organisations become the best versions of themselves. She builds people’s capabilities, coaches teams to success and guides organisations towards positive outcomes.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with Christine.

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