RPA or DPA? Taking the strategic route to automation


How many times have you read how the latest piece of tech will revolutionise your organisation? You have probably seen many instances of this in government circles over the last few years — RPA, AI, Blockchain… the list goes on!

The most effective way of looking at a problem isn’t to see how the latest tech will plug a particular problem. Incorporating that latest technology without thinking about the overarching process can be inefficient, costly and – in extreme cases – not fit for purpose.

With any digital project, there has to be a vision driving what you do and a plan for delivery — we call it Digital Process Automation (DPA). Unlike RPA, DPA is more than plugging systems. DPA enables government organisations to achieve practical benefits from their digital transformation journeys.

This webinar explores the challenges and benefits of RPA and shows how DPA can address some of the challenges and maximise the benefit government gains from automation tools.

Hear expert analysis from our public sector speakers:

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