Government Roundtable Briefing with Alfresco, AWS & Zaizi

by sakinkugbe
The Government Roundtable powered by Alfresco, AWS & Zaizi, which took place in London on 23 June 2017 brought together top CEOs, Directors and Business Managers from across the Public Sector.

BeeCon 2017

by Mark Rogers
Bee Con 2017 has just finished in sunny Zaragoza, Spain. For those who do not know Bee Con is the independent Alfresco developer conference organised by the Order of the Bee. The organisation dedicated to keeping Alfresco as a free to use open source platform.

Alfresco Mobile Client 101

by Mark Rogers
It was time I took a closer look at the Alfresco Mobile Client, I wanted to connect the mobile client to my local alfresco repository (on localhost) where I do all my development and have sample data so I wanted to run the alfresco mobile client to run on my mac rather than my phone. I couldn’t find a good starting guide so here is a simple step by step process in how to do so.

Alfresco Meetup for government - One year in

by Chris Conway
Our last Alfresco meetup of the year, with two main sessions on Alfresco Search and Information Governance with Office 365, and the breakout sessions, expanding on the main talks, but also a session on Case Management and a brand new session, a Beginners Guide to Alfresco.

Zaizi's Latest Web Talks

by Chris Conway
Join us here every month for our ten minute web talks showcasing Zaizi's solutions, including Alfresco add ons, technology integrations and document centric solutions for the enterprise

Workflow, Usability and Migration follow up

by Chris Conway
Join us for the Alfresco meetup for government where this month we discussed Workflow, Usability and Migration. Enriching the public sector with open source and open standards technology.

Continuous delivery for Alfresco

by Mark Rogers
Alfresco upgrades can range from the very simple and quick to those requiring days or weeks of downtime. Obviously weeks of downtime is unacceptable and this can be one of the barriers keeping customers on older versions of Alfresco.

Catch up with the University of Westminster

by Navneet Hundal
Hiten Vaghmaria, after 4 years of working alongside Zaizi to deliver their unified content and records management programme, is moving on to pastures new. We thought this would be a great time to catch up with him.

Data-Driven Government Follow up

by Chris Conway
Held at Broadway House in Westminster on the 26th May, we invited people from all over government to see the latest developments and use cases on the software. Attendees from all the major departments including the Home Office, HMGCC, National archives, MOD, DWP, BIS and many more were there to learn, share and discuss best practises.

Alfresco Meetups for Government | Follow up

by Chris Conway
The follow up to the Alfresco Meetup for Government event held at TechUK, specifically for sharing innovative ideas for using open source platforms to ensure government employs better ways of working.