Step Challenge

by Benson Kimani
Zaizi London and Zaizi Colombo are coming together (virtually) to raise money for Charity (and to get fit!)

5 steps to take when embarking on digital transformation projects 

by Aingaran Pillai
As government departments face further austerity measures, the pressure is on to bring in more savings, and to make it happen quickly. Departments have been urged to make bold decisions, and take decisive action

Cloud Migration

by Giuseppe Malanga
AWS announced on the 13th of December 2016 the immediate availability of the new Europe (London) Region. The London Region joined Ireland and Frankfurt as AWS’s third European location, and provides customers with a new option for end users and applications benefiting from infrastructure located in Europe.

Zaizi is 10 years old

by Tracey Robinson
Zaizi is 10 years old! We will be going to Paris for joint Anniversary and Christmas celebrations.

Cloud Adoption Journey

by Sergio Rojas
As many companies embark on their digital transformation journey to the cloud, making sure that both business and IT are aligned at every step of the way is easier said than done.

DevOps: Digital and Cloud

by Zaizi Blogs
DevOps – a coming together of ‘development’ and ‘operations’ within an IT world that increasingly centres around business – aims to deliver a progressive, flexible, agile, and swift delivery of new solutions. Crucially, this enables IT departments to develop a more responsive digital culture, facilitating the improvement of public services.

Reflections On LocalGovCamp 2017

by Andrew Hawkins
I attended the recent Local Government Camp event in Bristol as part of the Zaizi team. As well as conducting two workshops, one of the things we were keen to gauge from the local government attendees was, to what extent data exploitation is at the heart of business and service transformation.

Infrastructure continuous deployment

by Ana Sirvent
During the last decade cloud computing has become the norm and more and more customers are migrating from their on-premise data centres to the cloud. Migration to the cloud offers some important benefits such as cost reduction (decrease capex and opex) or security improvements (as AWS says, “if you don’t trust us, trust our auditors”). This transition along with the agile movement have enabled a new way of doing things on IT that converges on the DevOps culture.

Make DevOps work for you

by Zaizi Blogs
Understand what DevOps is. It’s not something you buy off the shelf. It’s not a tool you install or a just another process you hire a consultant to develop. DevOps is much more of a philosophy of software development.

Appium - Mobile Apps Automation Tool

by Dasun Eranthika
Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. Native apps are those written using the iOS or Android SDKs.Mobile web apps are web apps accessed using a mobile browser (Appium supports Safari on iOS and Chrome or the built-in 'Browser' app on Android).