Test Driven Development (TDD/BDD) with Drupal 8

by Niraj Meegama
Test Driven Development also known as Behaviour driven development is one of the most fast developing trends for test automation. Drupal Extension is Drupal's step towards TDD. Its a lot of big words but its something very simple.

Automate PostgreSQL High Availability with repmgr for Alfresco

by Krishana Sandra...
repmgr supports and enhances PostgreSQL's built-in streaming replication, which provides a single read/write master server and one or more read-only standbys containing near-real time copies of the master server's database.

Alexathon: Zaizi’s Alexa challenge kicks off!

by Navneet Hundal
We all know that you can do some awesome stuff with Alexa from ‘Alexa call me an uber’ to ‘find my phone’ to ‘Alexa start a 7min workout’! We thought we’d try our own hand at using the Amazon Alexa API calls to prototype some great new uses for Alexa for us Zaizi enthusiasts.

Data Preparation with Talend

by Hemanthi Arangala
As individuals, companies and organizations continue to generate considerable amounts of data on a daily basis, data manipulation has become too tedious and time consuming. That’s where the need of tools such as `Talend Data preparation` becomes significant.

Alfresco Mobile Client 101

by Mark Rogers
It was time I took a closer look at the Alfresco Mobile Client, I wanted to connect the mobile client to my local alfresco repository (on localhost) where I do all my development and have sample data so I wanted to run the alfresco mobile client to run on my mac rather than my phone. I couldn’t find a good starting guide so here is a simple step by step process in how to do so.

2017 looking good with AWS

by Chris Conway
Amazon Web Services have announced the opening of their London based UK region.

Multimedia reports for Continuous Integration at SeleniumConf UK 2016

by Christina Thala...
The SeleniumConf 2016, Selenium’s flagship event, was held in Central London and I was delighted to be invited along to speak, with my session titled, 'Distributed Testing and Test Reporting,' all about the work I have been doing on automated testing with Alfresco for continuous deployment and integration.

Alfresco Meetup for government - One year in

by Chris Conway
Our last Alfresco meetup of the year, with two main sessions on Alfresco Search and Information Governance with Office 365, and the breakout sessions, expanding on the main talks, but also a session on Case Management and a brand new session, a Beginners Guide to Alfresco.

Movie Recommender using Talend Machine Learning

by Jayani Withanawasam
Talend provides specialised support for big data integration. The noticeable advantage of using Talend for machine learning over other machine learning libraries is the fact that no coding effort is required when implementing a machine learning solution. The solution can be designed using drag and drop controls and native code is generated automatically.

Zaizi's Latest Web Talks

by Chris Conway
Join us here every month for our ten minute web talks showcasing Zaizi's solutions, including Alfresco add ons, technology integrations and document centric solutions for the enterprise