Alexa Challenge Review

by Benson Kimani
Seven teams at Zaizi took on the Alexa Skills Challenge; to solve a problem that someone could use every day. Alexa is the voice assistant service that powers Echo, which enables customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using voice-activated technology.

Imperial Graduate Work Shadowing

by Tracey Robinson
I am a first year physics undergraduate at Imperial and I spent a day at Zaizi on 29/3/17. I signed up to this scheme because I am trying to decide where I would like to have my career in the future and I didn’t have much experience of what jobs in IT and consultancy are like. I knew this sector was a possible career choice for me because I enjoyed the computing I have already done in my degree.

Work Shadowing Scheme

by Tracey Robinson
Zaizi have signed up for the pilot phase of the Imperial College work shadowing scheme. We will host first year undergraduate students at our office in Hammersmith to experience a 'day in the life of a Zaizi employee'.

AWS, Google and Microsoft Vision API Comparison

by Dileepa Jayakody
Over the past year, major software vendors including Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon have shown great interest in developing image analysis APIs and applications. These companies have introduced suites of image analysis APIs offering a vast range of image analysis features. Using a computer vision API, a user can simply submit an image of a busy city and receive semantics tags such as city, buildings, people, whether it’s a photo taken at daytime or night etc, as analysis results of the image.

Test Driven Development (TDD/BDD) with Drupal 8

by Niraj Meegama
Test Driven Development also known as Behaviour driven development is one of the most fast developing trends for test automation. Drupal Extension is Drupal's step towards TDD. Its a lot of big words but its something very simple.

Automate PostgreSQL High Availability with repmgr for Alfresco

by Krishana Sandra...
repmgr supports and enhances PostgreSQL's built-in streaming replication, which provides a single read/write master server and one or more read-only standbys containing near-real time copies of the master server's database.

Alexathon: Zaizi's Alexa challenge kicks off!

by Navneet Hundal
We all know that you can do some awesome stuff with Alexa from ‘Alexa call me an uber’ to ‘find my phone’ to ‘Alexa start a 7min workout’! We thought we’d try our own hand at using the Amazon Alexa API calls to prototype some great new uses for Alexa for us Zaizi enthusiasts.

Data Preparation with Talend

by Hemanthi Arangala
As individuals, companies and organizations continue to generate considerable amounts of data on a daily basis, data manipulation has become too tedious and time consuming. That’s where the need of tools such as `Talend Data preparation` becomes significant.

Alfresco Mobile Client 101

by Mark Rogers
It was time I took a closer look at the Alfresco Mobile Client, I wanted to connect the mobile client to my local alfresco repository (on localhost) where I do all my development and have sample data so I wanted to run the alfresco mobile client to run on my mac rather than my phone. I couldn’t find a good starting guide so here is a simple step by step process in how to do so.

2017 looking good with AWS

by Chris Conway
Amazon Web Services have announced the opening of their London based UK region.