2017 looking good with AWS

Amazon Web Services have announced the opening of their London based UK region. They informed of their intentions at the end of 2015 to open a UK region, which has been hotly anticipated throughout the year with many events in the UK and worldwide to showcase their new services and solutions to ensure migrating and using their cloud services is as convenient, secure and valuable as possible.

Announced in a blog post, they specified the array of different tools and services now available through their UK region and the use cases for companies looking to use them.

Great News For The UK

For Zaizi, our customers and the UK as a whole, this is great news. The power of using Amazon Web Services has been proven with it being the largest supplier of cloud services in the world, but this UK region means not only the lowest latency possible for services running on their cloud platform, but also conformity to all the data compliance standards needed for many UK government and other regulated firms operating in the UK.

Jeff Barr wrote in the blog: “Every AWS Region is designed and built to meet rigorous compliance standards including ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC3, PCI DSS Level 1, and many more.”

The AWS Europe (London) Region has also achieved the UK’s Cyber Essentials Plus certification, which means that AWS has properly implemented the necessary security controls to protect against cyber risks. AWS also provides customers with guidance on how to build applications that align with the National Cyber Security Centre’s UK Cloud Security Principles and the National Health Service (NHS) Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC) process. Details on how AWS helps customers meet compliance requirements can be found here: https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/.

Amazon Web Services And Zaizi

We are working with many Government bodies to ensure they are utilising the promise of connected and shared services, with a view to creating data platforms that can enrich and improve the way our customers work and improve the public services they are supplying to their citizens.

We have been providing AWS services to many of our customers for some time, which have been met with a positive response. Announced earlier this week, Zaizi are now Official Public Sector Partners with Amazon Web Services. Membership in the AWS Public Sector Partner Program fits in with Zaizi’s aim to provide modern and effective data platforms and services to its customers. It is the company’s belief that these will enable government clients to make informed decisions through better use of data at their disposal thus drive public service reform.


It’s been a busy year for Zaizi. We have constantly been on the lookout for solutions and services that will really help they way our customers and their organisations work. With certainty we are sure that how Data is managed, analysed and used in government is what should and will be driving any reforms in the public sector. With that in mind we have been partnering with key technologies to ensure we are offering the best platforms to employ data-as-a-service.

In November, we announced this ambition with a partnership involving Talend and AWS. The move to utilise offerings from AWS and Talend fits in with Zaizi’s aim to provide the most agile, modern and effective data tools and services to its customers. It is the company’s belief that these will enable government clients to effectively streamline the vast amount of data at their disposal and utilise it to drive public service reform.

Looking Forward To 2017

In an age where data reigns supreme, organisations across the UK need as much support as possible – We think it is great news for the UK as AWS has taken the lead in providing a platform that will change the face of data management for the better. Zaizi has been very active in ensuring the training and certifications are in place to offer these services to our clients and we are sure of a prosperous new year for all those looking to utilise this powerful new platform.

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