AIIM Roadshow 2013 Reflection – Zaizi’s interview with John Mancini, President of AIIM

On 21st of June, Zaizi along with Alfresco were at the AIIM Roadshow, an event where businesses can ‘learn how the latest innovations and best practice in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can help your organisation to save money, improve services, optimise business processes, get to grips with compliance, ease restructuring and keep up with the leaders in your market’, as described by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) themselves.

We saw it as the ECM event of the year, because we understood that it was important to recognize the past, current and future challenges our clients and of businesses in general in regards to information. The AIIM Roadshow has proved in past years that it was the perfect venue to do this. We listened to some interesting talks and had the opportunity to speak to customers and other ECM providers too.

Interview with President of AIIM 

We were lucky enough to catch up with the keynote speaker, John Mancini, who is also President of AIIM, for a quick catch up on his thoughts on challenges for ECM and the future of AIIM content management for organizations. We covered the following topics: – 1. John’s summary of his keynote speech 2. John’s view on the social collaborative workforce 3. John’s opinion on Alfresco and Open Source ECM 4. The 5 Demands of AIIM’s #OccupyIT Manifesto 5. The Open Source Spirit of AIIM 6. The future of AIIM and Information Professionals 7. AIIM’S 2013 Conference

John Mancini’s Keynote Speech

In this first part, John talks about the summary of his presentation, which why John thinks businesses need to reclaim IT leadership and do so by doing 5 main things he talked about in his keynote.

The Social Collaborative Workforce

John also talks about the challenges organizations have had when it comes to social collaboration. John says there are different types of content attached to emails flying around and it can sometimes be overwhelming to decipher the actual meaning of all that information. Therefore, probably 2 or 3 years from now, organizations would really need to understand how social collaborative systems can help them organize and make sense of all the information coming from their locally and globally dispersed workforce, whether they are working from home or working at client sites. 

The mobile and home working culture will start to dictate how people will be forced to collaboratively work together in different locations. Therefore organisations need to move from their systems of record to system of engagement to fully exploit the freedom and power information could truly give their businesses. Because let’s face it, those who can face this challenge head on will have the most effective, scalable and intelligent systems working for their profits in the long run. It’s too big of a challenge to just ignore and too dangerous avoid. For a greater insight into what consists a ‘Systems of Record’ and ‘Systems of Engagement’, kindly refer to the chart below. 

Alfresco leading the path for Open Source in ECM

Alfresco As you already know, Zaizi is an Alfresco Platinum Partner and Alfresco’s Best Partner of the Year 2012, so we had to ask what John thought of Alfresco as an ECM provider. Given John’s background at AIIM for 16 years now, it was definitely a great opportunity to know what he thought of Alfresco. John said that when he first started at AIIM, it was only big departments with big budgets that could deploy content management systems. These days, this has changed. There are so many more options for buyers, to not only large organizations but also to small medium businesses with different opportunities and requirements they need to fulfill. Open Source John stresses that there is also a lot of ways to buy ECM systems now and Open Source is a great example of how it’s dramatically changed how businesses decide on what ECM system to buy. They are no longer buying the software, they are buying the support that is needed to implement the system. Watch John talk about Alfresco. 

AIIM’s Manifesto #OccupyIT

This point is also stressed in AIIM’s Manifesto Book #OccupyIT titled “A Technology Manifesto for the Cloud, Mobile and Social Era” written by John, where he outlines its purpose to understand 1) What we need to do with technology if we hope to keep our organizations competitive; and 2) How we go about deploying technology If you look at chapter 5, where it defines the #OccupyIT Manifesto, you will realize that Alfresco has all along been singing the same song as AIIM when it comes to where organizations are moving forward. Want proof? Well here it is. The proof is in the pudding, ladies and gentleman. AIIM’s #OccupyIT Manifesto and what Alfresco offers: –

  1. Demand #1 – Commit to the Cloud. Alfresco is now in the Cloud
  2. Demand #2 – Mobilize Everything. Alfresco is focused on Mobile. Read its iBook by Todd Bar, “Death by Powerpoint, Resurrection by Tablet” (free download – iPad & PDF)
  3. Demand #3 – Make the business social. Alfresco is a Social Content Management System. It believes ‘Content is Coversation’. Watch the video and read about it here. Test drive Alfresco’s Social Content Management System here. Content is conversation video by Alfresco

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