Giuseppe Malanga Solutions Architect at Zaizi

Farewell after 11 years at Zaizi — a journey of growth and opportunity

Giuseppe bids farewell to us after 11 years of dedicated service and contributions. Here, he reflects on his growth and opportunities at Zaizi.

Milan. 2011. I found myself wanting to do something in a new city. A colleague had worked with Zaizi and he mentioned they were looking for an Alfresco Developer. I applied for the position, and the rest is history. 

I remember how small the company was in the beginning. When I joined in July 2011, there were only 10 people in a shared office space. It was a significant change for me as my company had 400-500 employees. But from the moment I started, I got hooked. 

My role as a Solution Architect was crucial, and every day was different. I developed digital services and found solutions surrounded by amazing people. I delved into the problems, assessing every difficulty and translated client requirements into tangible and usable solutions. We did everything to understand the client deeply and solve their issues. 

Sometimes I’d be in the office longer to work on making things happen. It was hard at times but the perfect team-building and bonding experience. We’d be in the office, order pizza and beer and work together to resolve the problems. I always think of those late nights fondly. When my eyes were square, and I couldn’t look at another line of text, or if we finally fixed a problem, we’d go out and spend the night in the pub. Work hard, play hard.

Realising my potential 

As I move roles, the last 11 years have been an experience of growth and opportunity, both personally with my skills and as a professional. I saw all the phases of the company’s development. How small it was when I started. Then how we grew, and changed offices. We moved to three different offices until we got to our current HQ in Kings House. All the changes were good.

As I depart from Zaizi, I recall many significant projects. One such project was the recent delivery of a minimum viable product in just a few months — a challenging but also a rewarding experience.

We couldn’t have done it if we didn’t use every minute available. We met the delivery outcomes, and we were able to meet the client’s needs. The client was able to deliver on their projects internally and meet their deadlines. Being at the forefront of that was our best achievement last year. 

As I move on to new things, I’m thankful to Zaizi for enhancing my skills which I will take into my new company. I’m moving into the data domain and will work on data analysis, data management, and machine learning.

It’s different, but I wanted to be in data after being in solution architecture for some time. I helped manage the data community at Zaizi, which was a good starting point for me, so I know what to expect next. 

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Recommending Zaizi for growth and opportunity

I will always recommend Zaizi as a place to work. It boasts a rich culture, talented people, impactful projects, and produces substantial work.

I took every opportunity to get to know my colleagues and coworkers. If you’re only meeting your colleagues in meetings, more is needed to understand their type of person and what they’re like. 

To anyone thinking of joining Zaizi, start from day one by meeting your colleagues and teammates. Zaizi’s work culture helps foster a community, which will help you get to know everyone. 

In my last week, the Zaizi office was busy – and all the meeting rooms were packed. I realised how big the company has become and what significant changes there have been in the past 11 years. I’m happy to have seen it all.

Leaving after 11 years was a difficult decision but one that I make with the blessings of the company. I know Zaizi will continue to be a success as it boasts a rich culture, talented people, and impactful projects. 

The supportive culture allowed me to realise my potential and help me grow both personally and professionally. I’m grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve had here. 

And I know, I’ll always be part of the Zaizi family.

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