Immerse your customers in rich, social web experiences with Crafter

The WCM industry is highly competitive with challenges from different directions on the web. Here’s what is trending right now:

But what you don’t realize is that your viewers may be inundated with YOUR content as well as your COMPETITORS’ content. So how would you differentiate by exploiting these trends?

In order to win the top position of your customers you need to adapt your content from text to video, audio and images to fit these trends. You may improve social interactions and features but yet these improvements may not sustain your competitive advantage for long.

We look at one aspect that can transform your business’s content so powerfully that your competitors’ viewers start switching to YOU. That is EXPERIENCE. It is what people remember; it has the power to emotionally engage your consumers with your brand that builds your business. One such brand that thrives on experiences is Apple.

Web Experience & WCM

But we’re looking at WEB experience for WCM. Understanding wider market needs, we built the capability to build rich web experiences on Alfresco’s Web Content Management component using Crafter’s WCM manager.

What is Crafter?

Crafter is a web experience optimiser, not just usability but also how you manage it. It enables your organisation to easily create and manage sophisticated, dynamic web experiences across multiple online channels. Our solution with Crafter goes well beyond basic web content management functionality to provide a complete, multi-channel content authoring, management, publishing and delivery environment.

So here’s what you expect in terms of your WCM needs:

Why is ALFRESCO +CRAFTER the best fit for your WCM needs?

Our integrated solution offers the following benefits

If you need help optimising your web experience with Alfresco WCM, give us a call. We can help.

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