Learn from Oxfam on how to build a global intranet in the cloud

Our experts from Zaizi, Alfresco and Oxfam share their real life experiences of Oxfam International and Alfresco themselves on how they have utilised Alfresco and Drupal to build award winning Intranets and websites. 

Listen, watch and evaluate the possibilities of deploying a similar social intranet and web content management easily using cloud technologies and overcoming the challenges of active user engagement to ensure your intranet is a success.

“It allows us to very quickly move things around on the website, to change the look and feel. It is very much a marketing driven site.”

    Ian Norton, Senior Web Architect, Alfresco

Oxfam is an international confederation of 17 organisations working together in more than 90 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.

Since they need to communicate quickly and richly with their staff, partners, and allies across the world, they turned to Drupal as a framework to help build and power many of their public and private websites such as their global intranet. 

“Bringing in Alfresco with a much stronger back-end that does document management right, and it allows us also to have workflows, and it allows us to grant access to all the critical information on our internet through different protocols so that I can access the shared drive or I can connect to it through FTP so it is much faster to people in headquarters, and it is actually useable even for people in the field or in emergency areas where the internet connection is not granted.”

Gabriele Sani, Intranet Manager, Oxfam

When they needed document management capability for their Drupal intranet they turned to Alfresco.

Alfresco wanted to launch a new website to showcase their tremendous success, they turned to Drupal to build out their website experience management system on top of their own Alfresco platform.

“…if somebody who is speaking at the conference goes and uploads a powerpoint presentation into Alfresco in the cloud, that automatically syncs into our Drupal site, so if they upload that two minutes before going on stage those latest slides are available straight away for everyone to see.”

Ian Norton, Senior Web Architect, Alfresco

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