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Local Digital Declaration: Creating a blueprint to ‘fix the plumbing’ in local government

Local government is walking a tight-rope. It’s balancing the challenges of updating legacy systems to provide better services to citizens but with less money — for example, councils in England are potentially facing a funding gap of £8 billion by 2025.

So what is being done about this?

Local Digital Declaration 

The Local Digital Declaration encourages local authorities to ‘fix the plumbing’ by overhauling old technology structures and building more user-led services, using modular technologies.

Initiated by digital practitioners from local authorities, sector bodies and government departments, the declaration advocates councils to:

It encourages greater collaboration across local government. As local councils develop digital services, it should enable them to create blueprints that can be repeated, reused or adapted by themselves and others.

Ultimately, it will help local councils move away from legacy infrastructure and prevent the building of expensive new digital services from scratch every time. And that will mean cost savings in the long run whilst creating better services for users and citizens. 

You can find out more about the 5 principles the declaration has drawn up to promote this culture and technology shift.

Local government webinar

Our local government webinar will look at how digital services must change to empower citizens and those working in local authorities.

We’ll facilitate ground-up thinking in councils to remove some of the pain of improving digital services and help create blueprints that can be reused and adapted to make efficiencies and cost savings. 

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