Plugging the skills gap for the Information Age

Zaizi recently incorporated SFIA, The Skills Framework For The Information Age.

With a host of new technologies, new frameworks and new ways of working, as well as an ambition to be serving cutting edge solutions to our customers, it can be hard to find and source talented individuals who are able to keep up with this changing landscape. It is a problem industry-wide that has created fierce competition, one that can be hard for SME’s in this sphere to keep pace with, that’s why Zaizi has committed to investing in the hiring, onboarding and ongoing training of its employees through programmes such as SFIA and Apprenticeships.

Each job role within Zaizi has been profiled using SFIA skills. With annual performance appraisals and regular 1-2-1 meetings with our employees, Zaizi supports and develops their skills so they can progress in their careers.

Zaizi has recruited apprentices and graduates, and is committed to training and upskilling them; giving them the skills our business needs, and helping to fill the skills gaps in the industry.

During recruitment, SFIA helps us to more accurately describe what we need and help us to find people with the right skills and an appropriate level of experience and responsibility.

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