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Here at Zaizi we have spoken extensively about digital transformation. Ideas like the UK governments ‘Digital by Default’ policy run by the GDS (Government Digital Strategy) aims to create a more accessible government for its citizens. With the advent of technologies accessible to most it has become very important that the government keeps track. You can now expect most of the services delivered by your local or central government to be found online either through a desktop or a mobile platform. Not only will this offer a better service for everyone, it should see massive savings in cost and an all round better experience. 

To achieve this the government has had to re-think the way that its staff work together as well. How can organisations enable their employees to use newer tools and systems, but yet meet the security and compliance requirements when opening themselves up to these new ways of working?

We have seen little evidence that departments are making the expected savings.

We changed from desktop to laptop, then we changed from Blackberrys to smart phones. The next change people are looking forward to is the change to Alfresco.

Zaizi is currently involved in a major IT transformation occurring within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. 

During this webinar we took you through the challenges that organisations like The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills faced and the changes that happened in the workplace. These involve moving away from legacy IT infrastructures, involving new technologies such as cloud, smart phones and tablets, advanced collaboration and workflows and ensuring this is all done with governance and security inherently placed within the processes.

Not only focusing on the technology, we addressed the issues that surrounded moving to a digital workplace, from what you need to consider when embarking on such a transformation, identifying the areas that can be improved or simplified, but also ensuring that the new ways are working are adopted across the workplace.

If you are embarking on a digital transformation, want to collaborate better internally, and securely externally whilst improving efficiency in your organisation, we think you will find this webinar invaluable.

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